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Vela in Puglia Sailing – Sailing Excursions – Taranto (TA)

Molo sant'Eligio, 74123 Taranto TA

Daily sailing excursions in Puglia – Vela in Puglia Sailing

Do you want to know the beauty of the Ionian Sea with daily sailing excursions in Puglia? Do not hesitate further and contact Vela in Puglia Sailing. You can spend a unique sailing experience of relaxation, fun and good food. Discover this part of the Mediterranean Sea accompanied by experienced skippers who have been sailing these waters for years. You will sail along the coasts and between the islands of Puglia while you will be served an aperitif based on typical regional products.

It is difficult to say to know Puglia if you have not sailed its crystalline waters. The daily sailing excursions in Puglia organized by Vela in Puglia Sailing takes you away from the noisy crowded beaches showing you the wonders of the Gulf of Taranto, the beautiful Cheradi Islands and the famous Archaeological Park of Saturo.

If you think that a one-day excursion can not be enough to satisfy your desire for the sea, organize together with Vela in Puglia Sailing a whole weekend or a week on board their sailing boats with advantageous all-inclusive packages.

Sailing school in Puglia

Living the sea as a protagonist is one of man’s dreams. Sailing offers the opportunity to better understand the sea and its challenges. This is the importance of relying on highly competent and capable people and coaches.  Vela in Puglia Sailing is proposed as a sailing school in Puglia, with a service that allows you to quickly and easily get the boat license, useful for your sailing excursions. But not only that. The team composed of competent professionals with years of navigation and experience will live a 360-degree experience allowing you to acquire not only the navigation techniques but also the dynamics typical of a group collaboration. Thanks to this sailing school in Puglia you will understand the importance of having a constructive dialogue with a team and a leader, recognize the strengths of a team, develop its potential by interfacing with different personalities and managing issues competently and coherently. All this is followed by a staff that guarantees a safe and highly educational context.

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